Tax Problem Resolution

In the event of tax problems, you need an advocate on your side. For you, a dispute with the IRS or other taxing authority is probably a rare event. With the first contact, panic and fear set in. The worst possible course of action is for you to attempt to resolve the issue on your own. Without expert advice, the issue may linger for years. Attempting to handle the dispute alone could quite possibly make the situation even worse.

For us, working with the IRS and state taxing authorities is a routine event. We understand the notices you receive and know the best way to approach the issue. As your advocate, we can represent you at an IRS audit, help you file back tax returns, or seek abatement of penalties.
If you owe back taxes, we use our expertise and experience to negotiate a payment plan you can live with and are able to intervene in the case of threatened garnishments, liens, or levies. In certain situations, we are able to negotiate settlements for less than the amount owed. We can help you:

  • Negotiate an installment agreement.
  • Seek innocent spouse relief.
  • Make an offer in compromise in situations where paying the full amount due is impossible.
  • Seek reductions in assessed penalties for late filings and payments.

When tax problems plague you, having a professional on your side makes all the difference. At the first sign of trouble, call on us.